TAIKAN is glad to collaborate with The Homie Depot to bring you the Summit Series including a backpack, Shoki side bag, nylon cargo joggers, a corduroy hat, heavy weight vintage wash t-shirt, & heavy weight long sleeve with beautiful cumbia & 90s outdoor inspired graphics. Learn more with an exclusive interview below with the mind behind the brand, Michael Henry.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hi, my name is Michael Henry and I wear a lot of different hats. I am a family man with an amazing wife named Henny & our 9 year old son Charles is the best!  Right now he’s super obsessed with basketball. As a DJ I have been enjoying a busy year with my Sup Fu Saturday residency at Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club where the kids have been raging harder than ever. I really love playing in other cities and am happy to be traveling again recently playing in the Bay Area and Toronto. I also do tons of corporate and private events. Recent highlights include the Aritzia warehouse sale which saw over thousands of people come through. Behind the scenes I am a rep and content creator for Beatsource and DJ City which are the worlds largest record pools. Finally what brings us here is that for the last five years I have been running a brand called The Homie Depot where I dream up all the concepts, create partnerships with artists, designers, and DJs, create marketing content, do graphics, + handle production and order fulfillment. I am really stoked to collaborate with Taikan For The Homie Depot Summit Series! 


2. You have been a local legend Dj in the scene for years now, what motivated you to start The Homie Depot?

Thanks for saying that! I am super grateful to have come up in a city with so many amazing DJs. Over the years I have always been able to find the harmony between music and fashion whether it was DJing events for Livestock or Knowshow, to going on to create a brand that speaks to music lovers. The Homie Depot started 2018 when we bought our first home. I was back and forth to Home Depot so many times and always shared it on my IG stories; folks were really engaging and saying I should work there. Then one day the idea came to me to flip the Original Home Depot logo to The Homie Depot and we made tees and “Homies Welcome Worldwide” long sleeves. Based on how well the gear did I was super inspired to tap into my passion for graphic design and continue with regular releases. 



3. What is the concept of your brand? 

The Homie Depot is a brand that offers clever takes on pop culture whether that be breathing new life into an older brand, or being on top of what’s happening in the moment. It’s very similar to how I approach DJing where I reference the past and apply it to what's current, and then I find creative ways to market it. 



4. Who are some of the Dj’s that rock The Homie Depot? (Photos attached)

The Homie Depot customers are primarily DJs which is great as they are naturally taste makers and are always in the spotlight. Here are some photos of the day one homies rocking The Homie Depot around the globe. PS you don’t have to be a DJ to rock with us :)

5. Tell us about some of your collaborations you have done?
The first big collaboration was in 2019 with Fools Gold Records in New York. I had talked to Nick Catchdubs for a while about working together on some merchandise and when I got booked to play with A-Trak for the Knowshow After Party @ Fortune it was the perfect opportunity to collab. We reached out to Vancouver legend RHEK to execute the Tool’s Gold Built From Scratch concept that I came up with and he killed it. He even incorporated Al Borland from Tool Time in the graphic; funny enough the actor who played Al Borland reached out and supported the release. Rhek also did the Grillmatic graphic for the Skratch Bastid Grillmatic hoodies and tees we made for his infamous Bastid’s BBQ which is now a global party. 


During the pandemic I teamed up with The Smalltown Djs who had been crushing it on Twitch with Dad Rock Radio. We flipped the Classic Hard Rock Cafe logo and made a lot of dad hats, long sleeves and hoodies.  omiSpeaking of the pandemic…. At that time I ran a Twitch series called The Homie Depot Stream Team bringing a tastefully curated line up of the worlds best DJs to the people every other Sunday. 


Most recently I teamed up with the Toronto homie Jayemkayem and we released an UNTZ collab based on her love for dance music and chips (she even has an “I love chips” tattoo so you know it’s real).


But what I am reaaaally excited for is to collaborate with Taikan!



6. How did this collaboration with TAIKAN come about?

When Garrett reached out to do this collab I was super stoked at the opportunity. I have been a fan of TAIKAN bags since they launched and and most recently love all the cut and sew pieces which have served as great elevated basics. To be able to offer this to The Homie Depot audience is really exciting to me! Since G and I both live in North Vancouver we are naturally outdoor folks and I wanted that to reflect in the Summit Series Collection. I reached out to an amazing Nikko Azucena who I have worked with before to execute my ideas for this collection and he killed it! We referenced the popular Cumbia shirts I had done in the past and incorporated some 90’s hiking / tech vibes. I really love the dancing figures which are consistent throughout the whole collection. 



7. What's on the horizon for you & The Homie Depot?
We are just focused on continuing to organically grow the brand to a larger audience through clever ideas rooted in music. We have some original core branded collections dropping this winter—stay tuned! 



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