Damara Grace is a Photographer, Dubstep/Bass Music DJ, and Hip Hop beat Producer currently living in Vancouver, BC. Growing up in the neighboring small city of Kamloops, Damara focused on her passion for being a creative to escape the small-town routine that led her as far as Los Angeles, working in the music industry and pursuing her career in Photography and Music. Focusing on furthering herself in both avenues, Damara has been playing shows under the alias "Say Grace" within the Vancouver Bass scene and recently joined "The AVE" team, a Vancouver-based media platform covering Music, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into photography among any other creative lanes? 

Being a creative has always been apart of me, it all started with my love for music growing up which lead me into working in the music industry. A good friend of mine gifted me my first camera when I was living out in Los Angeles pre Covid. But when the pandemic hit and the music scene suffered, I picked up photography, using the camera I was given and shooting for fun. Shortly after I bought my first camera. I never really thought photography would have turned into what it is for me now, but I’m really glad I started. 

What/who has inspired your recent works?

My inspiration comes from so many different things, wether it be music videos, cool location spots I see on the street or even just scrolling through Pinterest, seeing a cool idea and making it into my own. I’m also so inspired by the talented friends that I am surrounded by and their work. It could even just be a mood or emotion that I am feeling. One photographers work that I’ve always loved and admired is Amber Asaly, her style and compositions are always stunning. 

We’ve been told you are also involved in the music world, tell us more?

Haha yes, Ive worked various jobs in the music industry over the past 5 years but I’ve been a DJ and hip hop beat producer for the past 7+ years and the underground dubstep/bass scene has been my home since I was a teenager. Going to festivals like Basscoast really opened the world of sounds that were beyond my comfort zone. I’ve become very passionate about the UK grime, dubstep/140 scene and soundsystem culture. I really would not be the person I am without the experiences this music has giving me and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.  

 What was the concept behind your editorial shoot for Collection 011?

Bold, bright and life. To feel alive was really the emotion I was going for. The location was full of beautiful cut out hedges and flowers. And I wanted the clothing to stand out just as much as the beautiful scenery did. I believe clothing should speak loudly to who you are and I believe the composition to matched that.  What creative goals do you have for the future?  My goals are really just to keep going and stay focused. I’m in this for the long run, I love creating and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For photography, i’d love to work with major brands such as Adidas and Stussy. And for music, to play major festivals like Basscoast and Shambhala and go on tour.

 Check out Damara's Spotify playlist here:


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