To launch our first TAIKAN BY campaign, we have teamed up with DJ and Photographer, Sincerely Hana, whose aesthetic and values align with TAIKAN. This campaign is focused around our Khaki collection, in collaboration with Vancouver’s famous nature and scenery.

Who are you?

Hana or as the world wide web knows me, Sincerely Hana

What inspires you?

Eating weird food

Where do you reside and what do you like about your city?

Vancouver – Getting into the forest and smelling that sweet sweet air

Who are your biggest fashion and music inspirations?

Leila Bani @leilareira

Can you describe the time when you first realized that photography and music were things that you absolutely had to pursue?

My friend Jason forced me into DJing lol. He gave me 2 turntables, told me to buy some records and figure it out cause I had to play with him that weekend.

How is your personality reflected in your work?

Everything is silly

Your work ha been featured by many outlets, what are you most proud of? Why?

Vogue because Vogue!

What lead you to fashion, music, and photography originally?

Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls

How does creativity play a role in your day to day life?

Stan’s Summer Food Truck Tour 2017

What camera(s) do you use and why?

My favourite camera to shoot with is my Hasselblad 500CM but I broke it soo…..

What does your daily routine look like? Or do you have a daily ritual?

I shower and drink coffee everyday

What’s one item you never leave home without? Or one item you can always find in your Taikan bag.

I keep a photo of my friend Lana from when she was 3 years old in my wallet

What’s your favourite Taikan bag?

The Sherpa – it has one million pockets

You’re a DJ, and have played with many artists. Who were your top three?

Rico Uno, Geni3 & My!Gay!Husband! because they my long time Glory Days fam and also s/o to the coolest dj in the world lol

You can choose three albums to listen to for the rest of your life.. Go!

Paul Simon Graceland, Sade but just the song “Hang On To Your Love” and Gerry Rafferty just the song “Right Down The Line”

Who are you listening to right now?

Lijadu Sisters “Come On Home”

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Frog green cause it’s the most ribbiting colour that you’ll never froget

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

I just wanna hang out with my childhood dog Chevy. He had 2 different coloured eyes and was the nicest dog in the whole world

What are some of your favourite spots to eat in Vancouver?

Cafe Marf 😉

Do you have a 3:00am guilty pleasure snack?

String Cheese

Tell us a funny story about yourself.

Due to legal obligations and a signed NDA I’m not able to answer THAT question

What big things do you have happening in the near future?

I’m hoping someone will take me fishing this summer HINT HINT WINK WINK

What was your inspiration for your Taikan By?

My friend Innessa’s instagram, @n___ess (who I collaborated with on this project), and everything that blooms in Vancouver in the summer even though I’m really allergic to all of it

How can people follow you?

sincerelyhana.com | instagram.com/sincerelyhana


Florals | @n___ess

Model | @caitlinbutcher

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