To celebrate the launch of Collection 003, Yukibeb, of Soulection, created a custom Mixtape for TAIKAN.

To welcome the launch of Collection 003, @yukibeb of @soulection has created a new mixtape for us. This buttery-smooth mix is sure to help you through those end of summer blues. Check it out on our soundcloud and mixcloud.

About Yukibeb | Tokyo native, Yukibeb, has only been making and posting her mixes on Soundcloud since 2011, but has quickly amassed global attention for the eclectic vibes and moods she conveys through her selections. Both intimate and sensual, the sounds she fuses represent her hip hop, future beats, and r&b sensibilities. The diaphanous soundscapes she creates for her hungry listeners reflect the intricate sounds that compliment the complex and fluorescent backdrop of the Tokyo underground. While she holds the attention of many, Yukibeb genuinely wishes to bring visibility to lesser known artists and give them a larger platform for recognition. Headstrong and opinionated, she doesn't really care for hype, follows her strong intuition and instincts to curate her unique sound. Citing major influences like J Dilla, Aaliyah, Tokimonsta and fellow labelmates Ms. Beb is poised to pursue her passion as a DJ first in her hometown of Tokyo and next worldwide.

About Soulection | Soulection is a genre, movement, and independent platform. With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift across the globe, placing strong value on community, discovery, transparency and artistry of creating music.

Give it a listen and make sure to follow us for more.

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