In collaboration with internationally renowned lifestyle and fashion store @storm_copenhagen, we have teamed up to create a small pack inspired by the colours and weather of fall in the Nordic countries. Featuring a whimsical illustration on earth toned shirts, sweaters, and hoodies, these items are exclusively available at Storm and on the TAIKAN website.⁠

On December 21st, shop the collection here, and find the exclusive interview and Spotify playlist below.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm a collage dropout, no education. Self taught, stubborn, persistent and uncompromising. Today I am running Storm with my family in the center of Copenhagen.

2. All great things start somewhere, what is the origin story of Storm?

I have had a passion for the fashion & lifestyle industry since I was quite young. This passion evolved later into a lifestyle store located in Nørrebro (CPH) – We were the first store to mix fashion & lifestyle, selling fashion, access, perfumes, outdoor gear etc. The team was a mix of friends and creative people from around town.

3. How would you describe Storm to newcomers, and what would you like them to know about the shop?

An institution & inspiration in the fashion industry. The store represents our take on the fashion industry, and we try our best to make it an inspiring and comfortable place to enter.

4. Storm has sold and celebrated many forms of art & fashion. What are your earliest memories of being inspired by the fashion and art industry?

Generally speaking, my trips to Paris and Antwerpen were what started the spark for me. To meet people from the industry, such as the big 6 from Antwerpen, Raf and many more. Later on I hosted Bikkemberg’s show in Tivoli (DK).

5. It has been such an honour for TAIKAN to collaborate with one of our favourite retail stores. What are some of your other favourite past collaborations and projects?

There has been many, and every one has meant a lot to me. But to mention one, our 20 year anniversary capsule with Raf Simons was definitely one of the top ones. But having that said, the Justin Bieber Popups and having other artists in the store has been special too.

6. What do you consider to be the most fulfilling part about running Storm?

A main factor to me is that we are able to run it as a family. Not just to be able to do it, but also to love it and look forward to getting back in every morning. It has been nearly 30 years, and we still are able to inspire the people walking through the door.

7. What were some of the influences behind the TAIKAN By Storm collection?

We started the brainstorming from the word play, TAIKAN (taken) by Storm. It was obvious to bring the weather into play, which formed the graphics. Pelle and I have known each other for a long time now, so we had to team up for the capsule.

8. How has the Danish environment and culture influenced your brand?

My ambition has always been to lift up the Danish fashion scene, and to put Copenhagen on the map. So my inspiration has mainly been from outside the country.

9. Is there a specific moment in your journey with Storm that made you feel the most rewarded?

There has been many and it's hard to pick one. The journey has been crazy. But as long as we, as a family, can run this project, and follow our passion, every moment will be a special moment to me.

10. What does the future of Storm look like?
Hard to tell. But our 30th anniversary is around the corner, where a lot of interesting projects are on the horizon. But in general, our vision is to follow our values and our love for fashion, and to inspire people.





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