Coming June 16th, 2022 at 11:00am PST, our second collaboration with artist Shyfuck will be dropping online  at www.taikaneverything.com

This capsule follows the footsteps of the elusive limited drop of custom Flanker tote bags, selling out in minutes. Shyfuck takes the airbrush to TAIKAN apparel this time around and these 3 custom hoodie styles are not ones to miss.

1. Glad to have you back with TAIKAN! It's been around 6 months since we last touched base, tell us how the new year has gone for you so far?

Happy to be back! 2022 has been an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve been busier than ever and had some major breakthroughs within my art practice. I settled into my first proper studio space and watched it quickly become my creative oasis. At the same time, my family is experiencing the war in Ukraine first-hand. It's been really painful to watch their towns and lives crumble. I have so much gratitude for the comfortable healthy life I'm able to live here as an immigrant. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to be alive in 2022, who I am, and how I can positively impact my communities. I've also just been laying dormant, patiently waiting for winter to loosen it's grip on this city. I come alive in the summer. I'm sure a lot of y'all do too.



2. What was your inspiration for the artwork on the hoodies? The blue one definitely is giving us AVP vibes.
I've been noticing a shift in my art over the last little while from being heavy and deeply emotional to being playful and almost nostalgic. Maybe it's a reflection of personal growth (but it's probably a bit of escapism too). With the hoodies I specifically wanted to design something nostalgic but also unique and true to my oeuvre. The purple hoodie is almost like some kind of old-school Sugimori Pokémon. The blue hoodie is my take on the Face hugger in Alien and an homage to H.R. Giger. The black hoodie is just a freaky butterfly alien straight from the gooey depths of my brain. I let myself have a lot of fun with these.
3. What does your typical art process look like? How do you allow yourself to experiment with new styles and textures?

A huge amount of my inspiration comes from being outside and obsessing over tiny details in nature. I get really carried away studying textures and forms in everyday life too. (I think I'm autistic :)). Over the years I've generated a little mental treasure chest of my favourite shapes and objects. I'll put on whatever album or mix I've really been feeling and let the different sonic layers guide me further. I process music in colours and patterns, which I just learned is called synesthesia. Sometimes a lot of emotion and serious reflection is involved, but sometimes my art is just a biproduct of my everyday existence and it doesn't really mean anything profound at all. But I guess there's meaning in just being alive and seeing how my brain engages with life. I'll be making art until the day I die!

4. A little birdie told me you have started to learn how to DJ ;-) How has that experience been, and how have you integrated your creativity into music?

Oh my god... y'all would not believe the amount of fun I've been having learning to DJ. I've been been so lucky to find a group of people who like the same weird shit as me. I should specifically thank Seb (@subdidi), Mada (@mada_p), and Edlyn (@shmedlynrae) for being my DJ parents and taking me under their wing. Being able to alter and blend my music has really added a new dimension to my life and revealed a lot of untapped creative capacity I think. I'm still a total baby and I have a LOT to learn but I'm fumbling my way through it :). Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to DJ a party somewhere.

5. Last time we spoke, you mentioned wanting to tattoo across North America. Now that restrictions have eased up, any travel plans for the year?

I'm going to New York for the first time in a couple weeks! I soak up creative energy like a sponge so I have a feeling it'll do a lot for me. I'd love to hit up Montreal, Toronto, LA, Chicago, or Mexico. Honestly Edmonton, Victoria, and Calgary have been on my list too. The world is my oyster. Shyfuck coming to a city near you!!!


Check out the new custom curated Spotify playlist by Shyfuck:


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