Lalo’s (@laleezyy) career really started with an infatuation for fashion that quickly evolved to a healthy obsession. Not only was the front end creative side appealing to him, but he knew that the foundation started with every line that was drawn out to execute any garment. Every seam, every stitch, every panel, every detail, every single line meant something to him. Being born in 1990, 30 miles South of Los Angeles, the only early inspiration he was able to draw from was TV. With his older brother and sister having that 90’s obsession over music, MTV was always on which his eyes were always drawn to what people were wearing and how they were wearing clothes. As a kid he was able to understand that every individual putting their outfits together would ultimately give them a perception of their personality. He begged the question... “How do I want to be perceived?"

As he got older, being in the suburbs, the shopping experiences were few and far between. There was one shop in Buena Park called “The Attic” that really opened his eyes to L.A. streetwear fashion and the rest was history. “Tapping into The Attic team really opened up my doors to the industry. I was around people who designed product, who marketed the product, and who sold the product.. There was still just one thing missing from the formula.. the foundation of producing goods.” This quickly turned around upon meeting the Owner of Publish Brand at one of the events at “The Attic”. The stars ultimately aligned... Energy was matched and quickly rose from an internship to that being cut short and started designing full collections for the brand. 

Lalo was able to bring range to Publish Brand from his unique perspective and appreciation for the whole spectrum of fashion. Ranging from clean minimal designs executed with unique fabrication to really elaborate designs diligently placing well thought out seams and multi-fabric applications to complete a whole look. His formula worked for the large-scale business that Publish was doing at the time that catered to every market segment of the world. After building with Publish for over 5 years, he knew it was going to be hard to be confined to just one specific brand. His ethos was always range and knew that the only way he can continue with that process was starting his own Creative Agency. His obsession for the process thus far got him close to everyone involved with executing collections. “I’ve always appreciated and collaborated with the individuals that brought my concepts to life after the sample was made” says Lalo talking about his co-workers ranging from marketing, photography, and sales. That synergy was always important to him and stayed with him as he commenced his next creative venture on his own. 

Most might know you as a designer, tell us about your work and experience in photography?
I always loved collaborating with photographers. Being able to draw out a unique perspective with how I wanted my designs to be seen was always amazing. Upon commencing my agency, brands and artists were always drawn by my perspective in which quickly evolved to pick up a camera and execute those campaigns myself.  I am by no means owning the photography title out of respect to every photographer out there.. but I do have a unique perspective and this is just another medium for me to show my creativity. 



How did this shoot come about, what was the inspiration?
The moment GMAN hit me up and told me Tokyo was in the pipeline.. the inspiration started flowing. I knew there was going to be a way to merge TAIKAN’s fashion DNA along with what Japan had to offer. We were able to lock in a house with such unique Japanese architecture along with its own skate pool in the backyard. The match was locked in and being there I was able to draw out a unique perspective showing enough of that street/skate culture and complimenting TAIKAN’s fashion DNA with the Japanese Modern Architecture that the house had to offer. 


This was your first trip to Japan in a few years due to travel restrictions. What was it like to visit and what do you love about Japan?
It was a dream to be back in Japan. Next to Mexico City, Tokyo is my favorite city in the world. The inspiration and energy that you’re able to capture there is incredible. To be back after a few years was definitely bittersweet. Hearing of some of closures and changes that happened during the pandemic was very unfortunate but understanding that shift and how the Japanese got through it was that much more inspiring. The energy was felt and everyone was looking forward to growth. Borders opened up not 30 days before and the Japanese optimism was felt. I cant wait to be back already. 



Other than photography, what are some of your other hobbies or interests?
Few people know... but my outlet outside of fashion is music. It all started with picking up some drum sticks and understanding beat counts through transitions that ultimately led me to mixing music and now ultimately producing. It’s something that is very intimate for me which truth be told, no one has heard anything I’ve mastered just yet. With so much happening on the fashion side, I am looking forward to find time and get lost in music again blending everything within my Mexican culture to today’s modern sound. 



What is influencing you these days?
People... People are incredible. People are unique... and if you pay close enough attention you can learn so much by allowing yourself to see someone else’s perspective. I’ve grown so much by understanding that. I had my time where I was very closed off but grateful for the growth I’ve gone through by understanding people more and how their perspectives originated. That journey from start to finish is a unique experience that can be applied creatively to any concept whether it’s physical or all mental. What I mean by that it can be applied to an item, a campaign, or a pop-up experience. 

What’s on the horizon?
Not sure.. but I cant wait to experience more life <3 

Check out Lalo's custom curated Spotify Playlist Café Creativo, out now.



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