Endless storefronts of glistening saris, aromatic Filipino food diffusing the air,
and a mishmash of different languages culminating into your ears. A melting pot
of sorts. A deep cultural pocket of the lower mainland. Born and raised in
Surrey, B.C. Jomar is an artist and photographer. The son of first generation
Filipino-Canadian immigrants, he doesn't shy away from his heritage and the
community around him. There's strength in people's stories. A mantra that is
deeply rooted into Jomar's values, and approach to any venture in life.

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What was your journey with photography? Tell us about your first shoot experience?

I used to get off at random sky train stops after school and just walk around shooting anything and everything. Squirrels mainly. Only difference now is we have access to better equipment. Not much has changed, and I hope it never will. Often times comfort keeps us operating in a familiar loop but continuing to expand your radius is the key.



What photographers/aesthetics have been inspiring you lately?

Talking candidly, staring at what other photographers are doing always hits a point that makes me feel self conscious. You can’t help the obsession and curiosity, always asking, “how did they do that, or how can I do this?” Film making and acting are two mediums that bring me joy. Mahershala Ali is someone whose been inspiring me lately. No matter the role I’ve seen him in, he gives me the feeling of dignity. I like that.



What is your process with ideating and planning shoots?
It always begins with intention. Story is about archetype not stereotype. Taking that archetype then wrapping in time, culture and place. Generally, this is how I lead, but sometimes we just want to have fun.



How has living in the lower mainland influenced your photography?

Speaking about growing up in Surrey specifically, it’s the exposure thats influenced me the most. Exposure to all different cultures: Asian, Black, Latin and even European culture. We find commonality and connection in our human experiences and embrace each others uniqueness.


What do you find to be the most challenging and rewarding parts of photography?

The most challenging is remembering this is a long process. Don’t beat yourself up. The most rewarding is remembering how amazing it is that we’re doing photography.


What was the idea behind the TAIKAN shoot for Collection 010?

Dang, its been a minute! What I do remember is that it was a fun shoot… so having fun and getting to know each individual!



What is in store for 2022? Any exciting new projects you have in the works?

Finishing passion projects from 2021 is the first priority but making a film about growing up in Surrey is somewhere in the back of my mind.



What goals do you have for your photography?

To photograph a wedding is up there, I’ve never done that. Just waiting for my friends to get married.



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