From Vancouver, BC, artist Emily Maric brings us the first editorial vision behind the recent Collection 008 drop. Working with a variety of mixed media, Emily is most known for her unique photographic visuals that are often enhanced once printed with a variety of additional treatments such as paint or candle wax. We were lucky to have the chance to ask them a few questions about their artistic origins as well as the inspiration behind the iconic set of 008 imagery.


How did you get into making art?

I’ve always been into making things ever since I can remember; probably started getting really into it when I would go to my Oma’s house as a little kid & sit & draw at the dinner table for hours with her. 

Throughout school I bounced around different art media until photography really stuck with me; my last year of high school, on days that I would go, I’d skip most of my classes to be in the darkroom making prints and processing film.  

I started re-incorporating different art mediums into my photography just last year - probably because I missed creating things more hands on.


What/who are influences that drive your creative practice?

I find the most inspiration for my art in what I do and who I know. I'm really lucky to be surrounded by people who always make me think, who always have a story to share; It makes me feel more creative & inspired myself. I want everything I make to have a story or have some kind of weird meaning. 

My drive to continue to create, I feel, is very self serving. As someone who struggles with their mental health I use my art as a means of therapy, a distraction, and sometimes even as a solution. I’m always at my happiest when I’m making something - and that’s why I try to always push myself to constantly create & reflect.


What are your goals?

My goals in photography are to work with more artists that I look up to & take more pictures of people who inspire me; also to work more with fashion. Ultimately though, my goals are to be happy & content in whatever I’m doing & creating.


What mediums do you want to explore that you haven't yet?

I want to start working with clay and somehow incorporate pictures of people in them. I feel like everyday I want to try something different, so that thought process will probably switch to something else tomorrow.


Tell us about how you use mixed media elements in your pieces? Do you plan them before or after the shoot?

I like to work hands-on rather than on my computer the majority of the time, so my system at the moment is to print photos out then mess em’ up with paint or beads or whatever. 

I always have somewhat of an idea of what I want to do before I shoot photos, but the idea always grows more when I get the photos back and I start working on them. I think that’s why I like working this way rather than online, because I put whatever I’m feeling that day all into the picture & I never really know how it’s gonna turn out until it’s fully done.


What are you looking forward to in the future of your art?

I’m looking forward to continuing to become more confident in what I create and to see how I’ll end up changing my art style throughout the years. Also excited to see all the bigger ideas I have come to life.


Where did your vision for Collection 008 come from?

The entire idea and storyline kind of solidified in my head when I was talking about it to one of my closest friends Emily (same name, Emily squared) who also ended up modelling in it. It all formed from a conversation about witches and time-travelling. 


What essentials would one find in your TAIKAN on shoot day?

On a shoot day I’ll always have my lip gloss, flashlight, camera, smokes, and a bunch of loose jewellery in my bag.


What is your favourite meal?

My favourite meal of all time is rice & gravy, some corn, and a pork chop made my Oma! She’s the only one that can pull off that food combo.


To view more of Emily's work, find them on Instagram @bodyfullahell.


EM x TAIKAN on Spotify

With a great eye behind the lens, Emily also has a great ear for music. Check out our most recent TAIKAN Spotify playlist curated by Em here.


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