DJ D.DEE is the founder of Pacific Rhythm, a record label and events company that has become synonymous with the laid back and uplifting sound Canada’s West Coast has become recognized globally for. In addition to operating Pacific Rhythm, DJ D.DEE is also a resident DJ at Public Records in New York City, Paradise in Vancouver, and hosts a monthly radio show called Pacific Spirit on Berlin based radio station Refuge Worldwide. The ‘Friends’ graphic highlights post-pandemic recognition of the value of getting together with friends and family.



Let’s talk about Djing first. Tell us about your style of music.

I grew up a club rat in Calgary with a fake ID and was heavily influenced by The Rub, Hollertronix, and the golden hay day of indie sleaze growing up. Fast forward a few years later and I ended up immersing myself deeply in the underground house and techno scene and began playing for small sweaty dance floors until the sun came up most weekends. My style of music tends to sit somewhere in the middle of a few worlds these days but I always tend to lean towards things that make me smile and uplift the people around me. 



What are the main differences or similarities to playing abroad compared to here in Vancouver?

A good party is a good party. It doesn't matter where it is 😋



What’s new with your record label Pacific Rhythm? Let’s talk about some of the artists that are coming up.

We've got a ton coming out at the moment and it's all very different. It's been great to expand the musical narrative over the years and shift the focus away from being a truly dance floor centric label. Be on the lookout for music from Inner Flight, C-Thru, Max Ulis, Frank & Tony, Corben, House Of Spirits and Kennedy in the coming months. 

What’s exciting in music right now and where do you see it going in the next year?

The playlist I put together for you is a spread of some tunes I've been enjoying lately. It's all over the place (much like myself). Have a listen, there's something for everybody on there.



We can’t thank you enough for the graphic! Tell us about your inspiration for it.

This graphic was designed smack dab in the middle of Covid when I was spending most of my time alone at home trying to maintain a slight semblance of normalcy. It's a quote from a classic Morrissey track called "Break Up The Family". I thought getting some frogs in the mix might be fun so I reached out to my good friend Logan Morrison who's a very talented tattoo artist and illustrator and got him to whip something up for me. After that I made a few tweaks and sent it over. I think it still resonates now even though the world is somewhat more normal. We all want to see our friends tonight, right?


Any trips or tours planned for 2023? 

I'll be heading to Detroit next month and playing some music there. I'm definitely very excited about that. After that I'll be headed to Calgary, Bass Coast Festival and NYC shortly afterward to play at one of my favorite clubs Public Records. After that I'll be in Europe. If you're around be sure to come up to the booth and say hello.


Any final thoughts or things you would like to mention?

Staying out late does not feel great despite what the t-shirt's may say.



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