TAIKAN x Pizza Coming Soon

Join us at Pizza Coming Soon for the collaboration launch from 6-9pm, Wednesday December 8th. 179 Pender Street East in Chinatown (Vancouver).

TAIKAN x Pizza Coming Soon Flankers will be sold in limited quantities at the event. 

Reserve a table here.

Introduce the world to the concept of Pizza Coming Soon. 

RHEK: Pizza Coming Soon is going to be one of the world's greatest authentic Napoli Pizza spots. However, Keith doesn't know how to make pizza so we're currently just a Japanese Snack Bar with a confusing name.

KEITH: Pizza Coming Soon is a Japanese Snackbar located in the heart of Chinatown. We make fun Japanese food and it highlights all the awesome stuff I've made  and learned living in Vancouver and Japan. An equally fun room with lots of heart and soul, great vibes all along, awesome drinks and cocktails made by Dylan.

DYLAN: Pizza Coming Soon is a Japanese snack bar in Chinatown that I built during covid with my former friends RHEK, KEITH, and MIKE. Now we are just business partners.

Where did the name come from?

RHEK: It's inspirational and motivational.

KEITH: RHEK, Dylan and I went out for wings and had way too many Fernet and Coca-colas. We were kinda poking fun at the many pizza places opening up in the city at the time (circa 2016). "Lets just make a pizza place that doesn't serve pizza" someone said (we were wasted) and that's how the name came to be.

DYLAN: Me and RHEK wanted to do a spot like Mario's Pizza bar in Seattle… but we don't know anything about pizza… so we partnered with Keith and now we make Japanese snacks that bloggers don't like, instead of pizza that bloggers don't like. Pizza Coming Soon.

Who is involved and how did you all get together?

RHEK: The crew is me (spiritual guidance), Keith (non-pizza Chef), Dylan (cocktologist), Mike (construction baron) plus a forever unnamed multinational investor group and we have the best GM in the world named Shay.

KEITH: RHEK and I worked at his now defunct "Sea Monstr Sushi" together. We stayed good friends and hoped that we'd open up another restaurant again. Dylan was our local "Beer Boy'' working out of Boxcar and kinda had the idea of joining forces. Mike, Dylan's childhood friend knows how to build stuff so he got involved too, turns out my fam knows Mike's fam and here we are now.

DYLAN: I met RHEK in a train yard doing graffiti when I was 16, Mike is my best friend, and I know Keith from hanging around the boxcar. RHEK does the back end stuff and all our design work and comes in and "helps" sometimes, Keith is our head chef, Mike is a contractor… he did most of the build out… and helps with handyman shit. I am the bar man… I order wine and make drinks.

It’s been almost a year since you officially opened. What was it like opening a restaurant during the pandemic? How is it going now? 

RHEK: Was there a time before the pandemic? We only know the pandemic. We're Pandemic Island Boys.

DYLAN: At first building a restaurant during the pandemic seemed like a fool's errand… but it ended up giving structure to my life in a time where everything else was topsy turvy. I learned how to drywall, use power tools, and wake up early. Things are going pretty great now… all considering.  


What are some of the things that caused you to pivot quickly as this was all happening?

RHEK: We never got our pizza oven in and the tracking number indicates that it got sent to Columbia (not British Columbia) so yeah - we're still waiting on that.

DYLAN: Basically just the second lockdown. It sort of took the wind out of our sails. Our spot is really a sit-down restaurant… but we had to slang sandwiches like everyone else.....it was really boring. 

RHEK’s amazing shirt designs really kept us afloat financially during that time. Also shoutout to Doug from DL chicken for helping out with the collaboration during lockdown… that definitely brought a lot of people in.


Who would win in an all you can eat contest at the restaurant? 

RHEK: Keith is basically a Japadog so he'd be the Glizzy Champion. Dylan can drink the most warm milk and Mike is a construction guy so if beer counts as food then he wins.

DYLAN: Keith's stomach always hurts because he only eats dominos, RHEK only vapes… I've never seen him eat, Mike eats very slowly… so I would win.

You can fill a custom Pizza Coming Soon Flanker with one snack food, and one snack food only. Which would it be?

RHEK: Instant Ramen since it's the greatest food of all time.

KEITH: Frozen Pizza.

DYLANThis is boring but probably popcorn… I'm a big popcorn guy.

Any big upcoming plans for the restaurant in the next little while?

RHEK: We're thinking about open a sandwich shop named Future Home Of The Cheesecake Factory.

DYLAN: Just build on what we started. Improve customer experience, keep fine-tuning food and drink menus… and find ways to give back to our community and neighbours in the DTES.


Now we want to try something a little different. Like a happy couple, we want to ask you both a set of questions and see if you know what the other’s answer would be. Answer the question for yourself, and then answer what you think your partner would say!

What is your partner’s favourite menu item?

RHEK: Dylan - as a sensitive boy, he adores the scallop crudo, Keith - only eats French Fries, Mike - Chicken Wings are the 5th food group.

KEITH: Dylan - Korokke, RHEK - Salad Dressing, Mike - Fried Rice.

DYLAN: RHEK - Kakuni, Mike - Fries, Keith - Doesn't eat food really… he just talks about all the deals on Doordash… and Dominos pizza.

What is one thing your partner would change about the restaurant?

RHEK: Dylan would get rid of Keith, Keith would get rid of Dylan, and Mike would have us serve pizza.


What is the best part of the restaurant?

RHEK: While Dylan would argue that the drinks really make the spot what it is, Keith definity sees the food as the greatest asset and Mike thinks it's the solid build - they are all wrong. It's definitely the graphic design that everyone is here for.

KEITH: Shay.

DYLAN: The staff, Shay, how it's confusing and fun… and hopefully friendly. It's amazing that we actually pulled off building this place… so the place is amazing.


Who has the best sense of style?

RHEK: Dylan - Beards against the world, Keith - long hair don't care (about personal hygiene), Mike - do DeWalt tools count as style?

KEITH: Dylan - Keith, RHEK - Keith, Mike - Keith.

DYLAN: Basically just our whole kitchen staff… I don't understand it… but they are always back alley arc'teryx deals going on… and it's normal for one of our 23-year-old line cooks to come in with something like a 4 grand outfit. They are all super dry in the rainy months.


If your partner could open another location anywhere in the world where would it be? 

RHEK: Dylan - Hastings Sunrise, Keith - Ethiopia, Mike - Burquitlam.

KEITH: Dylan - Disney Cruise lines, RHEK - Bob Marley's recording studio, Mike - Coachella.

DYLAN: RHEK - Maybe the international village food court?


Take a sneak peak of the TAIKAN Spotify Playlist that will be live at the event!


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