Deep and earthy browns and greens have inspired the new TAIKAN Terra Pack. Introduced on a brand new wax canvas material these bags will be completely unique to you. While maintaining its structural integrity, soft folds in the canvas leave unique patterns for you to experiment with. In the Terra Pack collection five styles come to the rescue for your next creative adventure. This pack is here to excel you for your daily needs. Subdue and soft colour tones offer a subtle fit to any style. TAIKAN is here to let you focus on the big things so you don't have to second guess if you have the small things on hand.

 With the Terra Pack we also introduce the SUKHOI for the first time. 

The SUKHOI was made to support the creative always on the go. From photoshoot to meeting and beyond, keep SD cards, notebooks, and wallets handy so you're ready no matter what. Easily supported worn over the should or across the body, this bag will give you one less thing to think about as you head out to conquer the day. External pockets will keep you structured and in style so you can be creative while everything else falls into place.

terra pack


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