Spotlight Series: How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

We were grateful to have the opportunity to sit down with Vancouver's Ciara Rose. Having always played a roll in the creative industry, she is making her mark even more so by starting a new campaign under Wanting to dive deeper we sat down to dig into the campaign that asks the powerful question "How Do You Want to Be Remembered?". 

Who is Ciara Rose?

Ciara Rose is a work in progress—I’m constantly evolving and growing and I’ve learned to be at peace with that. Adjusting, reshaping, and reflecting can only propel one forward.

We have been conditioned to stick with one title but it’s becoming apparent to me that we are not defined by a title, a career, or a relationship. Our purpose is multi-platform and only we can decide what that is and what to do with it.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would you say?




Can you tell us about your women empowerment campaign “How Do You Want to Be Remembered?” and why you are doing it?

The How Do You Want to Be Remembered campaign is a collection of conversations that spotlights women in different industries. This series celebrates the strength, vulnerability, and authenticity of the women that have inspired those around them; myself included. And with more women sharing their truth and stories, there are more examples of female leadership for the next generation of thought leaders and trailblazers to look up to and learn from.

My motivation behind this campaign is two-fold; one, I’m doing this for the young girls who look up to us; to hopefully encourage them to step into their power, lead from a place of compassion and set bold and ambitious goals. Second, if I could contribute to setting a new standard for how women choose to be remembered, that, to me, would be a success.

How does creativity fuel your projects?

Creativity is such a layered word. For me, the root of one’s creativity is their individuality. There is power in being different. When I’m in the ideation stage of a project, I think to myself, how can I flip the script and add my unique perspective in a way that brings more value and credibility to my work?

What do you think is overlooked about women in today’s society and how can we do better to stop it?

What is overlooked about women is that we have a voice. And it matters.

We are living in what, to put it mildly, might be described as unprecedented times. But if we pause and reflect on what this year has taught us—it is that if we come together, people won’t have any other choice but to listen. And as women, we need to empower and show up for one another. We are a force on our own but imagine what we can accomplish if we work together.

Our efforts should be rooted for equal power and influence in society—to have a seat at the table where we have an opportunity to make decisions, shape policies, and participate in economic and social development. I can’t wait for the day to see more women in positions of power; not only that but to see it be normalized, rather than an exception to the rule.

Who are some of your influences or people who give you inspiration?

I am constantly influenced and inspired by the women I’m surrounded by—standing in their power without compromising their authentic selves.

Not to sounds cliche, but above all, my biggest inspiration are my parents. Growing up, I saw my parents work overtime and double jobs just to save enough funds to put me in a reputable university. It was through them that I learned you must work hard to get what you want. Nothing is ever handed to you and you gotta put some grind behind that prayer.

How do you wear your TAIKAN & how does it support you?

Ever since I got my TAIKAN, it has really taken hold and earned itself a staple spot in my everyday wardrobe. For me, it boils down to one simple thing: practicality. I’m always on the go, so I need a bag that I can just grab without putting much thought into it. What I appreciate about my Taikan is its moderate size and volume; allowing me to carry all daily essentials with ease.

Keep an eye out for the How Do You Want to Be Remembered Campaign launching soon on


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