We are excited to share our latest collaborative quick-strike with SOULECTION.
Garret “GMAN” Louie (Co-Founder Taikan, Livestock, Fortune Sound) 

“Taikan is an advocate for sound and vision, so Soulection truly resonates with our team and fans of Taikan. Our first collaborative project together was a mix tape that we did with Yukibeb (Japan). The response from this mix tape was so positive that we immediately followed this up with crew from Soulection, initializing the talk of this product collaboration. With my other business, Fortune Sound Club, we had been booking the Soulection crew for the past 8 years. We seem to connect with them whenever we are travelling around the world as well so it only made sense to work together on this project. Over all we love the Soulection sound, aesthetic and vibe and believe that it organically fits with our vision and what we are doing.”

Joe Kay (Co-Founder of Soulection) 
“The Soulection lifestyle really is about feeling good internally and externally no matter what medium we are using to express ourselves. The Taikan crew are one of the few who have created travel goods that go hand and hand with our aesthetic. It’s all about quality and timeless essentials that enable us to travel freely and carry what we need. We made sure to keep it simple and create 3 bags that represent us and our supporters to the core. By creating music, dj’ing, traveling the world, taking photos, educating, being a student, and staying healthy, these traits all correlate to our sound and vision of tomorrow. It’s a mindset.”
This limited collection is available Thursday, November 15th, 2018 3:00 PM PST, at select global stockists (Livestock, ACD Gallery, Monkey Time etc.) and

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