Introducing the Bistro Pack

New Collection: Bistro Pack

For months on end, the stress and worries that came with the darkness of winter have built up and started to release. While coming full circle and reaching summer, the airey and cool breeze of a small Parisian bistro has inspired the vibrance of our latest release.

The Bistro Pack Sacoche is made of premium Nylon Rip-Stop to emulate the lightness of summer. The mesh external pockets and nylon-webbing shoulder straps mold to the body in a way that will make you forget you’re wearing it at all. Made to fit your essentials, you can let go in the moment without a care in the world.

Internal frustration over cancelled trips and memories unmade, the Bistro Pack brings a taste of travel to your side. Make everyday a staycation with late nights dressing up for no one but yourself - and everyone at the same time.



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