With the introduction of Collection 007, we knew there was no one better to creatively represent our new Corduroy Sacoches than @sincerelyhana. Her perspective led to a unique stop motion take on the red, navy and tan bags that we couldn’t have dreamed of. We now present to you a TAIKAN BY: Quarantine Edition with Hana.
1.    Tell me about yourself.
In 3 words… bagels and lox with cream cheese and capers – no onions.
2.    How did you choose your name Sincerely Hana?
S – Sometimes
I – I’ve
N – Noticed
C – Certain
E – Elephants
R – Really
E – Enjoy
L – Lemon
Y – Yogurt.
H – Have
A – A
N – Nice
A – Afternoon.
3.    What are some of the biggest things you’ve learned about yourself over the past two weeks?
I’ve re-established the fact that dogs are great and sometimes pants become too small.
4.    What music are you listening to right now?
I guess Steve Lacy because I used his songs for all three videos.
5.    How are you keeping busy during self-isolation?
I’ve been pretty busy with an activity called “eating popcorn” and I just finished Netflix!
6.    What meals/things are you cooking/baking during this time?
Well, if you eat enough popcorn, it is indeed a meal.
7.    What is your passion?

Dogs and photos and especially photos of dogs.

8.    How did you first start getting into making art? How do you incorporate it into your life?
I blame elementary school.
9.    What does Collection 007 mean to you and how did you pull inspiration for your stop motion series you did for us?
Quarantine made me do it. I wasn’t able to do my original idea because I couldn’t go out to get the supplies or work with people so it was a greeeeat time to try stop motion. Also, Alex has a friggin million toys all over our place that were all just staring me down.
10. How do you use your Taikan?
I fill it with candy and smuggle it into the movie theatre (don’t snitch).
Shop the collection here!
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