I recently sat down time with Booyah Patrol founder, Eric Miranda, for a not-so-formal interview. As he forever marked my skin, I fired off some questions in order to learn a bit more about the brains and creative behind Booyah Patrol. After about 90 minutes of psychedelic music, treats to lighten the mood and a needle wounded arm (kidding.. I love my tattoo so very much); I am happy to share with you, our latest interview. One very worthy of a read and the experience that came along with creating it.
P.S. You’ll want to stay tuned for a very exciting project that we have in the works with Eric.. but for now, we have his exclusive die-cut packs available here.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
“My name is Eric Miranda, I’m from Los Angeles California. Some people know me as Sarcophagus Jones. I moved up to Vancouver to go to Emily Carr. *laughs* I’m easy going, pretty nice guy. Ummmm… Aries is my sign.”
You carry a strong perspective with your imagery. What drove you toward this aesthetic?
“80’s surf and skate culture, as well as pogs.”
Why Booyah Patrol?
“We were out skating one day, and I somehow put the two words together and it sounded really good, and I was like “it kind of makes sense” cause, when you’re out trying to get it you’re like “oh I’m on booyah patrol”. I’m looking to fucking go and achieve some level of excitement”
Who are your biggest art inspirations?
Where is your favourite place to travel? Why?

“To new places. I don’t know, nowhere really. I guess going up and down the 5 is pretty cool.”

How does social media play a role in your art?

“I use it to get tattoos. I don’t really like it, I just use it as a platform for disseminating information and letting people know where I’m going to be and when I’m going to be tattooing and stuff.”

You could hang with anyone dead or alive… Who would it be? Where would you go? What would you do?

“Randy Savage. Barbados. Skydiving.”

You can choose one album to listen to for the rest of your life.. Go!

“Dragonaut by Sleep.”

What does your daily routine look like? Or do you have a daily ritual?

“I wake up in the van. I make coffee. I find a bathroom. I go and do tattoos, or I go to antisocial and hang at antisocial. It’s been my studio and wi-fi hotspot while I stay in Vancouver.”

What supplies do you use and why?

“Axe body spray. Mechanical pencils. Staplers. Jet fuel. Eurothane. Wood. Scotch tape.”

Do you have a 3:00am guilty pleasure snack?


Describe the perfect date.

“Something that doesn’t lead to social/mental anxiety.. *laughs* … Double Date.. Skydiving.. with Randy Savage.”

Tell us a funny story about yourself?

“One time in Mexico, I was in this surf town and my swim trunks had fallen busted at the front seam.. and I walked around the entire town, for like.. probably 30 minutes, without knowing that my dick was flying out, flailing around in front of everyone. That was pretty funny.”

Is there a particular moment when you first realized that this was something that you absolutely had to pursue?


Do you have a dream project that you would like to execute?

“Becoming a drifter. Drifting cars. Like, Tokyo drift style. Another cool one that I would like to get in to, is doing custom stickers for drifters and stuff. Custom mods. I feel like that would sit nicely with all of the vinyl work and tattooing that I do.”

What’s your top speed?

“Around 450 miles and hour on a plane, is the fastest I’ve ever gone.”

If you were a crayon. Which colour would you be?

“Hibiscus. I just feel like a hibiscus”

If you close your eyes, what’s the first colour you see?


If you were a wild animal. What would you be?

“Salmon. I like water.”

What are some of your favourite spots in Vancouver?

“Hastings. Skatepark and Street. Leeside. New Mitzie’s Cafe. Britannia Beach. Does Squamish count?”

What’s your ideal, last meal?

“Juicy Burger (In-n-Out).. Fries.. Beer (Modelo)”

Day or Night?

“Day is fun. Day.. I’m also a night owl. I would not sleep if I had the choice.”

Cocktail of choice?

“Gin and Tonic.”

What are the top five things that you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

“Own a Lamborghini.”

“Start a boatorcycle gang. A jet-ski for people that don’t know.”

“Learn sign-language.”

“Be in a feature film. *laughs*”

“Make it into the Winter Olympics.. for the cross country ski thing with a bb gun on your back and you go and shoot targets. I feel like I would be kind of okay at that. I can’t remember the name. This one is going to be research on your half. Sorry.”

What’s one item you never leave home without? Or one item you can always find in your Taikan bag.

“Ummm, my keys. *laughs* .. Keys to the van.”

How can people see more of your work? Website, social handles etc

“On instagram. @darque_ or @booyahpatrol

 | paige mcbride: @paigemcbride_

words | paige mcbride: @paigemcbride_ & eric miranda: @darque_ @booyahpatrol


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